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stale potato chips


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bae:mmm yeah fuck me baby
me:put a quarter in the swear jar
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move along if you don't care.



I’m probably gonna get a lot of flak. but I really don’t care. Jontron does not deserve the shit hes getting on twitter right now. people have the gall to claim getting harassed is so horrible and immoral and then turn around and call this man human filth. scum. make fun of him and treat him like…

Fucking THANK you.

Jon’s done nothing wrong and it’s fucking jarring seeing the likes of Niel Cicierega and even Tim Schaefer ridiculing him for basically not being them, sucking their followers’ dicks, and downright shaming anyone for not agreeing with them.

I have lost all respect for the people outright attacking Jontron for saying potentially offensive things.

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11 things I love about you.


To commemorate our 11 month anniversary, here’s 11 things I love about Max.

1.) He’s gentle, like a bumblebee. Even when he gets upset he seems incapable of stinging me.

2.) He always has a way to make me feel better in hectic situations. He rubs my tummy when I’m aching, and he kisses my…

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Bloodborne - 3/?
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BloodBorne trailer comes out > watch the trailer >  flip out > recreate the dood i saw > watch the trailer again.

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stare at him for a minute and try not to smile.

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